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November 11, 2013

Adventure Trekking on Nagaland Terrains

Adventure Trekking in Nagaland
Nagaland, the land of the hospitable and warm Nagas, lies in the corner of India’s North-East-bordering Myanmar. Nagaland in the north eastern part of India is trekker's paradise. The adventurous land of Nagaland offers bountiful trekking opportunities. The physiology of Nagaland is hilly and mountainous with lush green surroundings. The environment of Nagaland is salubrious, providing healthy atmosphere to the tourists for adventure trekking in Nagaland.

For a driving and daring leisure seeker like me, trekking in Nagaland seemed to be a perfect option and I went for it. The journey to the extreme north eastern part of India is arduous and extremely adventurous in its nature. Trekking through the challenging terrains of Nagaland with outstanding wealth of varied botanical species is justly unique and breath-holding. The route to each trek in Nagaland is quite a unique experience.

The major treks in Nagaland are: 

Dzukou Valley: Is tucked away at a height of 2433.4 Sq. Mt. Above the sea level. The gentle rolling hills and undulating values of Dzukou valley offer solace & peace to any tourist from any part of the world. Dzukou Valley is a favorite destination of young trekkers and meditation groups. Dzukou is also blessed with a rich ecosystem of bio-diversity.

Mokokchung: This is situated at an altitude of 1325 m above sea level. It is one of the great centers of Ao Naga tradition. White water rivers of Milak and Tzula are of scenic interest has a lot of potential for monsoon angling. This is also an ideal trekking haunt for the trekkers.

Pungro: Pungro is a small and beautiful hill top hamlet on the Naga Hills. The town of Pungro is covered with hills that are amazingly beautiful and are snowcapped. From here it takes two days of trekking to reach Saramati peak, a part of which falls in Myanmar and from where one can see the entire Naga Hills, mesmerizing valleys and Myanmar border.

Satoi Range: One of the only remaining unspoilt forests left in Zunheboto district. Satoi Range is a place of pristine beauty. This place is the natural habitat of the Blythe's Tragopan, a rare bird on the verge of extinction. It is an ideal spot for outdoor camping and trekking tour.

Satoi Range in Nagaland
Mount Tiyi: Situated at an altitude of 1969.61 m from sea-level, trekking is an adventurous experience here. The mountain peak offers a panoramic view of the valley down below.

Not much requirement is necessary for low-altitude trekking and nature walks. However, for high-altitude trekking, the physical requirements are almost the same as for mountaineering and climbing. People with high or low blood pressure or who are overweight are advised not to participate in high-altitude games and sports. People below 16 years and above 60 years are also discouraged from participating in this sport.